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Hailing from a place called Sandiacre, between Nottingham & Derby, I'm a CG artist with well over 15 years industry experience.

Previous positions include Director of Visual Effects, Lead and Senior Artist and Head of Media which enables me to provide sound advice with regards to tips and techniques when working with Max and other cg vfx software and technologies.

I have recently co-founded Makuta Visual Effects, a studio based out of Hyderabad, India..

This information can be found in the publications I write for, such as 3D World, Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects and in my own book "Deconstructing the Elements" (3rd edition now out) which deals with recreating natural effects with cg. I've also contributed to 3ds max 4 Magic & 3ds max 6 Killer Tips from New Riders publications, and have produced the covers for 3ds max 5 Fundamentals & Ed Harriss' How To Get A Job In Computer Animation.

A list of publications I've written for can be found here.

Due to my lengthy experience in the industry, I also speak at and teach students at animation festivals (e.g. Animex) or bespoke one-on-one training for individuals and / or companies. My involvement with Teesside University led me to becoming an external examiner for the university in early 2005. I am also heavily involved with the development of 3ds max and have been an active member of Autodesk's advisory board for many years. I was also nominated for an Autodesk Masters award in 2007.