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Instead of repeating a load of CG info stored elsewhere on the web, please visit either Kieron Helsdon's excellent 3ds max resources or Neil Blevins' CG Resources

in addition to these (in no particular order)

Orbaz - Pflow a-go go!

DesignWank - will be up soon, after I sort through the collection...

Lightworx - visual effects house in Bristol

Intertwined - Ex workmate, top character animator & max artist and bloody nice bloke Chris Ollis' site.

Happy Toast - toast that is happy. Hidden identity of a mysterious doodler, who only comes out after dark and scribbles on your walls

<space reserved for Allan ... get a goddamn move on Johnson!!>

Robert James - Flamethrower boy extraordinaire. Still ginger tho...

Rachelle Lewis - The recruiter for the VFX industry. Like a hurricane, sweeps into the country, leaves a trail of devistation, leaves. Animex wouldn't be the same... (Monica says hi)

Animex - Held at the University of Teesside, UK and run by Chris Williams: odd facial hair (depending on wind direction), cg lecturer and provider of beer. Good on ya!!

Curtis Jobling - Designer of Bob the Builder, and writer / designer of Frankenstein's Cat, My Daddy and Good Cat Bad Cat amongst many others. Dances like a trooper.

Cris Robson / 3D Palace - Ahh gawd bless ya! Guilty of making me sound like Darth after the foot long cigar at Animex '05. Say hi to Pedro for me! (buy the DVD's)

Chris Thomas / CG Academy - one of us old-skool maxers. Knows his stuff and cool to talk to when we want to bitch about pflow or something... (buy his DVD's too!)

Allan McKay - Particle bloke extraordinaire (more DVD's to buy!!)

Mr Fusion - Tom "I did the ring effects in episode 4 SE" Martinek. He did aswell! Top bloke who works for ILM and plugged my book at Animex! The fool!

Stuart Sumida - Dem bones dem bones dem... dry bones... Professor of Biology at California State University, top advisor of anatomy to the animation industry, the guy with the kid with the coolest name on the planet. Plus he makes a mean Margerita!

Ed Hooks - traditional actor type and all round top character animation guru. What he doesn't know could be written on the back of a postage stamp. In Arial Bold and in capials

Grant Kay - Top Discreet Flame / Combustion demo guy. Handy for icy road driving and when passengers need to chip off for a wizz...

Borislav "Bobo" Petrov - 1,000,001 things to do with MAXScript? ... pah! He can easily top that (buy his DVD's too)

Matt Jones - Monkeeeeeey!! Works at the UK Hydro office. A true Fisherman's Friend... (leaves a nasty aftertaste).

Ash "Da Bash" (don't ask - pd) Hall - Webshite blokey, top mate and nutter with an RC plane. Great at flying and landing in fences.

Andrew Hawkes - Top mate, webshite blokey and supplier of pie. Mmm pie.

Supermokeyfighter - Chris Hawkes' page, Andy's bro, one of the few cg artists down here in the south-west and all-round top chap. Check out the music vid he worked on for "Leave Land for Water".

Phiger - Gav's site. Webshite blokey and top mate. Now a true member of the Flamin' Lambo' collective. Welcome to the club... enjoy your trip to the bog :)

Owen Thomas - Gav's bro and Burnout cannon fodder. As if his parents didn't have enough to cope with just one...

Neil Rennison - Ex workmate, member of the infamous Orchard 5ive. Now down under.

Stu Pharoah - Another member of the Orchard 5ive. Jumped ship and chipped off to Canada. That's just showing off. Now back in ol Blighty.