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The following are image results and animations (each effect is fully animated as applicable) of the 28 tutorials which are included in the third edition of the Deconstructing the Elements book - 16 of which are in print and 12 are as video tutorials.

I've also listed the results of the 30 written tutorials available in the 2nd edition which comes as a free download with the 3rd edition (28 of which are in the 1st edition) and the additional 6 video tutorials which come with them (4 in the 1st edition).

In essence, if you grab the third edition, you get everything below...!!

Third Edition:

01 - Ball o' Fire
02 - Fire Strip (Alcohol-based fire) *Video Tutorial*
03 - Sun Surface
04 - Electrical Sparks / Welding Sparks *Video Tutorial*
05 - Angle Grinder
06 - Afterburner
07 - Swimming Pool Caustics *Video Tutorial*
08 - Paint Spillage *Video Tutorial*
09 - Bucket o' Water *Video Tutorial*
10 - Whirlpool *Video Tutorial*
11 - Icicles
12 - Ice Aggregation
13 - Condensation
14 - Geode
15 - Island *Video Tutorial*
16 - Mountain Weathering (procedural weathering system)
17 - Snowscape *Video Tutorial*
18 - Atoll
19 - Snowdrifts

20 - Mars

21 - Beer Foam *Video Tutorial*

22 - Barn Tornado *Video Tutorial*

23 - Bubble Stream

24 - Large Diving Bubbles

25 - Soap Bubbles
26 - Contrail
27 - Galaxy

28 - Bokeh Sunbeam

Second Edition (including First Edition content):

Video tutorial - Wood FIre // click for Tutorial Result
Video tutorial - Lava Fountain // click for Tutorial Result
Video tutorial - Atmosphere Entry // click for Tutorial Result
Video tutorial - Waterfall // click for Tutorial Result
Video tutorial - Lightning // click for Tutorial Result
Video tutorial - Procedural Cloud Layers // click for Tutorial Result
01 - Candle // click for Tutorial Result
02 - Match // click for Tutorial Result
03 - Gas Hob // click for Tutorial Result
04 - Oil Based Fire // click for Tutorial Result
05 - Flamethrower // click for Tutorial Result
06 - Tunnel Explosion // click for Tutorial Result
07 - Fireworks // click for Tutorial Result
08 - Coals // click for Tutorial Result
09 - Solar Flare // click for Tutorial Result
10 - lemonade // click for Tutorial Result
11 - Calm Seas // click for Tutorial Result
12 - Stormy Seas // click for Tutorial Result
13 - Underwater // click for Tutorial Result
14 - Moving Surface Water (scene continued in Grasses tutorial) // click for Tutorial Result
15 - Raindrops // click for Tutorial Result
16 - Hailstones // c click for Tutorial Result
17 - Snowflakes // click for Tutorial Result
18 - Lava Lamp // click for Tutorial Result
19 - Glacier

20 - Volcano

21 - Lava // click for Tutorial Result

22 - Dirt and Grass

FREE TUTORIAL: 23 - Grass (uses Moving Surface Water tutorial's water and debris effect) // click for Tutorial Result

24 - Frozen Wastelands // click for Tutorial Result

25 - Mountain // click for Tutorial Result
26 - Asteroid // click for Tutorial Result
27 - Multiple Trail Cigarette Smoke // click for Tutorial Result

28 - Tornado // click for Tutorial Result

29 - Eruption (uses Volcano tutorial result) // click for Tutorial Result
30 - Pyroclastic Flow (uses Volcano tutorial result) // click for Tutorial Result

Second Edition reviews

3D World Magazine #82: 9/10 - "This title really is at the forefront of 3ds Max effects manuals... an absolute must-have for Max artists. "

Amazon.com - "I first heard of Pete Draper's book from a fellow classmate who currently owns a first edition copy. Just thumbing through the tutorials my jaw dropped. Deconstructing the Elements has fast become the keystone to many students personal 3ds Max libraries. (We have even been recommending it to our teachers) The tutorials are laid out fantastically and teach you as much about the concepts as well as `how to.' Deconstructing the Elements is the best resource for anyone who wants to learn elemental effects and particle systems within 3ds Max. I can't wait for this book..."

First Edition reviews

3D World Magazine #58: 9/10 - "... an impressive volume of special effects tutorials ... it aims to expand readers' max knowledge by adding those really exciting set pieces which you thought were only possible with expensive plug-ins"

Rendernode.com - " This book is just amazing! Produced by an old (old?! OLD?! sheesh...! - Pete) CG pioneer, Peter Draper, this book contains very complicated tutorials that he explains in a very easy way for readers to understand ... I don't think there's an excuse for not buying this book. It's a gold mine that will enrich your skills for a very low cost."

Amazon.com - " This book delves deeply into the mechanics of creating great vfx inside Max all without using plugins. This should be part of the manuals that come with the product. Well written, well researched and, in the end, GREAT effects. Draper writes with flair and is easily understood. It's clear to me that he really did his work on this one. As well, the quality of book itself is right up there... In a day and age when disposable is the middle name ... this one book fits in the keeper category. (it sits beside my computer...)"

The following PDF is taken directly from the first edition of the book to give you an idea of the book's content and structure for each tutorial, plus what is included for each tutorial on the DVD-ROM... / electronic download so it is a bit of a heavy download.

Introduction section, full page Analysis of the Effect (with reference material - tons more on the DVD-ROM / electronic download (3rd edition)) Walkthough - broken into sections and steps with each step having its own screenshot (full-size versions on the DVD-ROM / electronic download (3rd edition)) and information breakdown, and finishing with the Taking it Further section where we discuss how to adapt the scene further (Taking it Further sample 3ds max files also included where relevant)

Download the free sample tutorial and all assets!! Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max - Sample Tutorial - Grasses (39Mb zip file including reference material & full PDF) (note: chapter taken from first edition, therefore tutorial numbering is different from the samples listed for the 2nd edition)

Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max - Third Edition from Focal Press

Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max - Second Edition from Focal Press

Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6 from Focal Press

3ds max 4 Magic from New Riders - Contributing author (Chapter 1 - Impact!)

3ds max 5 Fundamentals from New Riders by Ted Boardman - Front Cover illustration

How to get a Job in Computer Animation by Ed Harriss - Front Cover Illustration

I've been a regular contributor to 3D World magazine since issue 1 which is published monthly (13 issues per year) by Future Publishing, who also make Computer Arts. General content I'm asked to produce is along the lines of tutorials, artwork, Q&A expertise and reviews of hardware and 3ds max related software (plugins etc). Most of the tutorials and papers produced for magazines listed here will be made available free of charge in the Education section a few months after initial publication after the article's copyright reverts back to me. Some websites have been amended since the articles were initially published so may not contain the articles; those which no longer exist on these sites can be found in the Education section.

3D World
Issue 01: 50 3ds Max 3 tips
Issue 03: SGI 230 review, 4 essential plugins for 3ds max, double page artwork to accompany
Issue 04: Cellshade & Volumetric smoke Q&A
Issue 05: Space Clouds Q&A, four Cebas 3ds max plugins reviews
Issue 06: Bullet Time Q&A
Issue 07: Havok Review, Particle Explosion Timing Q&A
Issue 08: Pilot's Cockpit Motion Q&A
Issue 09: Perfect Stormy Wave 3ds max 3.1 tutorial, Escalator Steps Q&A
Issue 10: 3ds max 4 Review, Global Illumination Q&A
Issue 12: Cult 3D Review
Issue 14: Kelseus Cloth Review
Issue 15: Non Photorealistic Render (NPR) Q&A
Issue 17: Thinking Particles Review, Eyelid Modelling and Animation Q&A
Issue 18: 3x 3ds max 4 Book Reviews, Scene Construction Effect Q&A
Issue 19: 2x 3ds max 4 Book Reviews, Earth Planet Material Q&A
Issue 20: Advanced Rendering Technology's 'PURE' Review
Issue 21: Horizon Q&A, VR4MAX Review
Issue 22: Electron Microscope Q&A
Issue 23: Pearlescent Spray Paint Q&A
Issue 24: Hair tutorial, Stormy Sea Motion Q&A
Issue 25: Stream Q&A, Facial Studio review
Issue 26: Terrain Q&A
Issue 27: Area Lights Q&A, Discreet's "Plasma" review.
Issue 28: 3ds max 5 News item, Moonlight Q&A, Power Booleans, SpeedTree, MaxVR.qt2.0 and Morph Toolkit reviews.
Issue 29: 3ds max 5 review, Icey Age Q&A
Issue 30: rtre review, Football Q&A
Issue 31: Luma Tools review, Engineering material effect Q&A, Demo Reel article artwork
Issue 32: Gaseous Fire Q&A
Issue 33: HDRI Q&A, Eyematic Facestation 2 review.
Issue 34: Fish-eye lens effect Q&A, 3D modelling advice & tips (plus mugshot :) )
Issue 35: "New Year's Revolution" 3ds max comments, Swift3D MAX2 review, Galaxy Creation Q&A
Issue 36: When Worlds Collide tutorial, Raindrop Ripples Q&A
Issue 37: Animex News Article, Snowy Terrain Q&A
Issue 38: Pin Art Q&A, rtre 1.1 review, Voice-O-Matic review
Issue 39: Entering Atmosphere Q&A, Afterburn 3.0 review, Sound Trax review
Issue 40: Bunsen Burner Flame Q&A, Dreamscape 2.0 review
Issue 41: Tyre Tread Q&A, Particle Flow Review
Issue 42: Sun Q&A (part 1 of 2), finalToon Review
Issue 43: Sun Q&A (part 2 of 2), finalRender Stage-1 Review, Mimic 2 Pro Review
Issue 44: Cityscape Q&A, Lifestudio Head Review
Issue 45: Terracotta Q&A, 3ds max 6 Review
Issue 46: Interior Lighting Q&A, Asteroid Collision tutorial
Issue 47: Flocking Birds Q&A
Issue 48: Feedback Effect Q&A
Issue 49: Faking Sub Surface Scattering Q&A
Issue 50: GroundCrew Review, Power Booleans 2.0 Review, 3ds max Shortcut Card
Issue 51: Kitchen Tutorial, Splat Gun Q&A, OnyxTREE 6 Review
Issue 52: Refraction Q&A, PURE Review
Issue 53: Watercolour Q&A
Issue 54: Crash Landing Q&A
Issue 55: Timelapse Hull Panel Construction Q&A
Issue 56: Object Construction Effect (Pflow) Q&A, 3D Palace APU Tutorial Review
Issue 57: Oil Slick Q&A
Issue 58: Automatic Engine Firing Q&A, Liquid+/Pencil+ Review, PFlow Tools:Box 1 Review, HairFX Review
Issue 59: Nebula Q&A (part 1 of 2), 3ds max 7 Review, Natural:shaders one.zero Review
Issue 60: Nebula Q&A (part 2 of 2), CG Academy - Afterburn Masters Review
Issue 61: Vine Q&A
Issue 62: Tinfoil Q&A, Tornado tutorial
Issue 63: Tyre Tracks Q&A, ThinkingParticles2 Review, Animex 2005 Show Report
Issue 64: Brushed Metal Q&A
Issue 65: Volumetric Clouds Q&A (lead)
Issue 66: Handheld Camera Motion Q&A, 3ds max 7.5 Review
Issue 67: Pseudo HDRI Q&A
Issue 68: Growing Plant Q&A, PURE PCI-X Review, CG Academy PFlow Fundamentals Set Review, CG Academy MAXScript Fundamentals 1 Review
Issue 69: Bullet Impacts Q&A, Antics Pre-Viz Review, 3ds Max Lighting Review, Next Issue Artwork
Issue 70: Crowd Control (fish school) Tutorial, Car Modelling Q&A
Issue 71: Blood Spatter Q&A (lead), LipSync Master Review
Issue 72: Automatic Shield Generator Q&A, 3ds Max 8 Review, 3ds Max 7 Fundamentals Review
Issue 73: Automatic Gunfire Flare Illumination Q&A
Issue 74: Particle / Memory wrangling Q&A
Issue 75: Mental Ray Outline Shaders Q&A, Next Issue Artwork
Issue 76: Fire & Brimstone (volcano eruption) tutorial, Erupting Geyser Q&A
Issue 77: Bacteria Cell Division Q&A (lead)
Issue 78: IES lighting Q&A, GroundWiz 1.1 review
Issue 79: Particles Along Animated Spline Q&A
Issue 80: Low Atmosphere Orbit Q&A
Issue 81: Faking Fluids Tutorial, Studio Lighting Q&A
Issue 82: Working With Large Bitmap Files Q&A, [digital] Lighting & Rendering - 2nd Ed. Review
Issue 83: Lighting for VFX Q&A
Issue 84: Impact Fragments for Simulations Q&A
Issue 85: Sandstone Ruin Q&A
Issue 86: Hair Electron Microscope Q&A, 3ds Max 9 Review
Issue 87: Twinkling Fairy Lights Q&A
Issue 88: Geode Crystals Q&A, PowerNURBS 2.0 Review, Particle Flow Tools Box 3 Review
Issue 89: Plasma Ball Q&A (lead), 3D Buzz - Mastering 3ds Max The Fundamentals Review
Issue 91: Flickering Neon Lights Q&A, LBrush Review
Issue 92: Badlands Tutorial - Part 1, Cola Fluid Material Q&A
Issue 93: Badlands Tutorial - Part 2, Multiple Single Texture Materials Q&A
Issue 94: Soundwave Animation Generation Tutorial, Chalk Line Drawing Q&A, Final Shaders 2.0 Review
Issue 95: Medical Blood Tunnel Flythrough Q&A (lead)
Issue 96: Blood Cell Titles Q&A
Issue 97: Magic Dust Q&A
Issue 98: Adaptive Geometry Based on Camera Distance Q&A, 3ds Max 2008 Review
Issue 100: Ocean Surface Foam Q&A (lead), Krakatoa Review
Issue 101: Image Mosaic Q&A
Issue 102: Effective Camera Shake Q&A
Issue 104: CD Shader Q&A, FumeFX Essentials Review
Issue 105: Watery Paint Splats Q&A
Issue 106: 3ds Max 2009 Review
Issue 107: Ice Comet Fragmentation Q&A (lead)
Issue 108: Bubble Material Q&A, Vanilla Pass Manager Review
Issue 109: Faked SSS Q&A
Issue 110: Murk Q&A, 3ds Max 2009 Creativity Extension Review
Issue 111: Aggregation Q&A

Computer Arts / Computer Arts Special / Computer Arts Projects (rebranded C.A.S.)
Issue 77: 3ds max 5 article, tutorial and cover
Issue 78: Roulette Wheel artwork to accompany 3D Freelancing article
Issue 80: Dissolving Planet Q&A
Issue 82: Modelling and Cellshade Tutorial
Issue 83: Reflective Caustics Q&A
Issue 86: Short Cuts - 3ds max 5 Refractive Caustics
Issue 87: 3ds max Canyon Tutorial
Issue 88: Short Cuts - 3ds max bounced lighting
Issue 90: The Third Dimension - Article on 3D in design and illustration
Issue 94: 101 Photoshop Tips - Part 5: 3D Design
Special Issue 27: Special Effects: Fire Breathing Dragon (fire effect) Tutorial
Special Issue 37: Web 3D: Web 3D Intro Article & Artwork, Plasma Tutorial & Web 3D Tips Artwork
Special Issue 40: Flash Games: Artwork to accompany a Space Invaders style Flash tutorial.
Special Issue 46: Music Video: Artwork to accompany "Recreating Hollywood" and reviews section.
Projects Issue 51: Fake It In Photoshop: 47 page tutorial covering backplate and effects shooting, producing 3D elements and combining them all in Photoshop, plus artwork to accompany each section

Future Music
Issue 145: Artwork - "Mixing"

New Scientist
12th April 2003 Issue: Preview illustration for next issue - "Collision Course"
19th April 2003 Issue: Artwork (4 pieces) to accompany 4 articles regarding asteroid detection, collision and prevention.
24th April 2004 Issue: Cover Artwork

(cannot recall which issue) - 3ds max 5 tips (co-wrote with Marcus Morgan, Discreet)
Issue 64: Showcase section

Issue 06: Profile

3D World
20 3ds max 3 tips (of the 50 in the mag)
Scattering Objects on a Sphere Q&A
Skydome Bitmap Animation Q&A
Dual Monitor Setup Q&A for 3ds max
Egg Cell Tutorial for 3ds max 4

3D Total
Electron Microscope paper (reprint)

Cre@te (discontinued)
Issue 31: Plasma tutorial